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In medicine, there are three types of care which hospitals provide which comprise of entire end-to-end patient care. In pre-operative care, all thesis, outcomes and possible complications are discussed to put the patient at ease and in full awareness of situation. In the operating room, the main surgery takes place. And lastly in post-operative care, pain management, medicine schedule and proper healing is taken care of. These three types of care are equally important. But, many places don’t stress on post-surgery care. At Aastha Health Care, our USP is post-surgery care which we believe is of utmost importance. There are many reasons why post-operative care is needed.

  1. Mobilization:

Once surgery is done, the body undergoes some changes. It takes some time for the body to understand the differences and route its functions according to it. Hence, mobilization is a fundamental part of post-operative care. Doctors and nurses continuously check on patients for their progress. They help you in getting you back at your feet, stronger and fitter.

  1. Health and nutrition:

It is advisable to follow a proper nutritious diet after a surgery. The diet should be such which can be easily digested and will also provide the required strength to the body. Sometimes, intravenous juices are provided if immediate response isn’t possible. And sometimes, an entire balanced diet is planned. Food to be eaten after the surgery depends on the type of surgery and also patients’ capacity and immunity.

  1. Pain control:

Pain management is a vital aspect of post-operative care. When the effect of anesthesia wears off, pain will take control over the body. At this time, proper measures need to be taken. Considering the severity of pain, sedatives are given. A proper schedule of medicines is given at the time of discharge in case of any pain or discomfort.

  1. Wound care:

It is very important to take care of the wound after the surgery. Proper dressing, medication and hygiene is necessary for timely healing of the wound. Wound care is very important because the lack of it can cause infections or complications. Hence, we believe in providing complete care for our patients which aids in quicker healing along with medical tourism in India.

  1. Urinary retention and constipation:

These are some common problems. Urine output needs to be checked because it is related to kidney. We help you overcoming in these problems slowly and steadily.

  1. Physiotherapy:

In many cases, after the surgery, rest is needed. But, after the healing process, physiotherapy exercises help to regain body strength and structure. Our doctors train you in all the exercises and stay with you until you achieve full mobility. It’s a slow process with life-long benefits.


Post-operative patient care is really important for a number of reasons. Hence, we ensure to take 100 % care for our patients in a holistic approach. We put in all our efforts for what’s best for the patient. We provide valuable advice prior surgery, efficient technique during surgery and excellent hospitality after surgery. At Aastha Health Care, not only post-operative surgery is given weightage but we believe in overall development of patients.


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