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Do you feel tired or sleepy often? Sleep is more important than we know. This article is relevant to all those who want to remain healthy, fit and active. Those suffering from Obesity and Sleep Apnea will find answers to many of their questions here.


Sleep is a resting phase wherein the body tries to regenerate cells by increasing the supply to the muscles thus repairing the wear and tear of the body. Hormones when released in right amount causes regulation of various metabolism which decides the health of an individual. Therefore good sleep decides the wellbeing of an individual.

Dr. Manish Motwani, leading weight loss surgeon at Aastha Health Care in Mulund, Mumbai says, “Sleep-deprived persons may be too exhausted to exercise, also they take in more calories because they are awake for longer duration and they have more opportunities to eat more. Lack of sleep also disrupts the stability of key hormones that manage appetite. Hence sleep-deprived people may be hungrier than those who get enough rest every night.”


Health problems associated with sleep debt

There are many health problems associated with sleep debt, the leading ones being obesity, poor decision making ability and less concentration, which causes stress. Stress may cause cardiovascular disorders and also alterations in the hormone levels thus contributing to the total imbalance of the hormones.


Expert Doctors in Aastha Health Care – A specialist in bariatric surgery in Mumbai says “We have seen increased footfall of obesity patients related to sleep debt. They gain weight in the first 2-3 years of starting out with their sleep debt. Due to work pressure to perform they ignore their health and have considerable weight gain of 20-25 kgs in just 2 years, which keeps increasing with time and age. This leads further on to Morbid Obesity, for which Bariatric surgery is a good option.


One of the leading causes of sleep debt is also Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea has various causes, most common and most important being Morbid Obesity. says Dr Manish Motwani, “One of our patients, 49 years male who weighed 108 kgs and had a BMI of 42.5 was working as a social worker and was at a senior level in his company. He had to travel a lot for his demanding job. With increasing weight, he developed sleep apnea and he could not sleep without using BiPAP Machine. He used to have deprived sleep at night time and day time drowsiness. He approached us at Aastha Health Care and was advised Bariatric Surgery as an option to treat Morbid Obesity and thus sleep apnea and so also overcome the sleep debt. He underwent Mini Gastric Bypass, and within the next 6 months his BMI came down to 33.5. He now has a healthy BMI of 25.5 one year post surgery.

Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass, a bariatric procedure has helped him not only reduce his weight, but all his co morbidities associated with obesity also resolved. His most important complaint of sleep apnea leading to sleep debt, which had made his life miserable had been cured and thus tremendously improving his quality of life.


Sleep debt is an alarming issue and has become a major health hazard in India. Dr Manish Motwani , Bariatric surgeon at Aastha health care says, “Due to the lack of discipline and modernization, the sleep debt is an increasing problem. People are more into lifestyle practices which causes sleep deprivation. Even children now-a-days spend more time watching TV rather than playing outside which causes sleeplessness and all the more strain to the eyes. Another major factor would be the odd working hours of young corporates, which is driving most of the youth population to be sleep deprived.


Be consistent with sleep timings

Our body has a biological clock which adapts to the time at which we sleep and get up every day. It takes around a week for our body to adapt to the new timings. So daily sleeping at uneven timings might cause a lot of confusion to our body in adapting the timings. These improper and vague timings cause a lot of imbalances in the body functions. Thus, it is very important to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

“The benefits of sleeping at consistent timings ensures a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle has many perks, especially to those who are aiming for weight loss as it helps in maintaining a normal appetite as well as balance in the hormones”, says Dr Motwani.

A good sleeps induces a feel good factor wherein an individual feels happy, rejuvenated and looks better than those who sleep less. It helps to overcome many health problems also. An easy solution to all health problems, stress and emotional turmoil is just a good sleep. The most effective way to maintain healthy lifestyle is to maintain a consistent sleep timings.

Dr Manish Motwani, at ‘Aastha Health Care’ –  One of the most successful clinics in weight loss surgery in Mumbai says, “Sleep debt due to sleep apnea and Obesity is a major health problem and can lead to multiple harmful effects in the body. Bariatric Surgery has turned out to be the main line of treatment for patients suffering from Sleep debt due to Sleep Apnea and Morbid Obesity. Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery is a very safe option for morbidly obese patients to lose weight, get cured of Sleep apnea, recover from sleep debt and thus lead a healthier life.”

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