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Fitness is not just about having the perfect figure, but also about having a healthy and happy mind.

The relation between obesity and psychology is often not understood. Sedentary lifestyle along with an unhealthy diet causes weight gain and the person develops a wrong body image which causes not only psychological disturbance but also brings down self esteem, leading to depression. On the other hand to treat depression, antidepressants are used which lead to weight gain and mood swings which eventually drives the person to obesity and this vicious cycle continues.

Obesity and depression is a vicious cycle and losing weight is the only way coming out of it. To start with, an exercise regime with a healthy diet does help change the overall appearance of a person. But most people often do not reach their desirable weight range.

To tackle obesity, a scientific solution is needed which is bariatric surgery. Excess weight can now be shed off with the #surgeryforobesity

Bariatric surgery has made much advent in the field of healthcare. The surgery not only helps lose weight but also improves body mass index (BMI) bringing it to the ideal range thereby lowering the risk of diabetes, hypertension and various other metabolic disorders.

It is more important to be healthy than being slim. Ramesh Pithwa, an employee at the Godrej company was 109 kgs at a young age of 40. He expresses, “I felt uneasy while walking, was breathless and had severe backache. I had no hopes about losing weight. Then I met one of Dr. Manish Motwani’s operated patients at a support group meeting  of Aastha Health Care and took the decision for the surgery which really helped me. I underwent Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy at 109kgs and now I am at the top of the world with a weight of 70 kg. I feel more positive and happy now.”

Ramesh Pithwa has been an inspiration to a large number obese patients who were hesitant about Bariatric Surgery and has thus participated in #giftalife campaign. He has been playing an active role in transforming the lives of many obese and depressed individuals, who thought that it was the end of life for them.

There are many types of Bariatric Surgeries ranging from Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (Stapling surgery), Gastric Bypass, Gastric band, Mini Gastric Bypass etc. which may be chosen for a particular patient depending on his BMI, waist circumference, lifestyle habits, diet pattern, lifestyle modification desires etc.

Bariatric Surgery (Obesity Surgery) is not just about weight loss and should not be considered just a cosmetic surgery. It is about gaining confidence in oneself, changing the lifestyle, overcoming depression and beginning of a new life full of positivity, health and happiness.

There have been contributions for this article from Ms Megha Desai – Asst. Nutritionist at ‘Aastha Health Care’ and Chief Bariatric Nutritionist Dt. Twinkle Haria

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