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With rising burden of obesity and linked health complications, the policy aims at helping people who require Bariatric surgery but could not afford or do not want to shell the entire amount in one go

 22nd December 2015, New Delhi: For the first time in the country obese and overweight patients are offered zero percent interest loan for the Bariatric surgery. The Bariatric Patient Lone initiative is taken to help those obese and overweight patients financially who are in dire need of the surgery but could not afford or do not want to spend the entire amount at one time.

Unlike the common perception, Bariatric surgery is actually a life saving procedure which not just helps obese patients live a normal and healthy life, but also improves diabetes. Considering the rising obesity and requirement of Bariatric surgery, the initiate will certainly give a chance to millions of people across the country to live a normal life,” says Dr Manish Motwani.

With The zero percent interest rate Bariatric Patient Loan, patients can convert their medical bills into an interest free EMI loan. This will be the first instance of extending patient loan for Bariatric procedures in the country. With the approval time of just 30 minutes, the scheme claims to be one of the fastest in the country.

“Such initiatives make more sense in the country like India, where one in six adults is obese and one in five adults suffer from diabetes and hypertension. It is well documented that weight loss surgeries are extremely beneficial to help achieve long term weight loss goals and in improving health complications like diabetes and hypertension, associated with obesity,” says Dr Manish Motwani, Bariatric Surgeon  from ‘Aastha Health Care’

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 20 to 40 % of the adult population and 10 to 20% of children in India are affected by obesity and as far Bariatirc surgeries, only around 13000 are performed every year, which is just <0.01% of the total patient population.

Medical records reveal that around 20% drop out in Bariatric surgery cases happens because of the financial problems.  This simply means the EMI option for surgery at interest free rate will help lot of patient suffering from obesity problem.

As far Bariatric surgeries, they are mainly of three types; Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laparoscopic Bypass and Mini Gastric bypass. While the three procedures are little different, the stomach size is reduced in all the cases, which in turn reduces the food intake and helps in weight loss.

While the surgery is extremely helpful in reducing and improving co-morbid conditions like diabetes and other weight related issues, use of advanced technology and technique sometimes make the procedure expensive for the patient.

The average cost of Bariatric surgery in the country is roughly around four lakhs. Through this loan option patient can take a loan up to 4.5 lack & pay in 12 installments at 0% interest rate. Experts believe that this facility will help bridge the huge gap between the requirement of Bariatric surgery and actual number of cases being undertaken in hospitals.

While the zero percent interest Bariatric Patient Lone presents a lucrative option to the patients, experts believe that it is important that the doctors, who eventually recommend the Bariatric surgery, are also informed about the policy so that they could suggest the same to the patients.


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