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Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity continues to be a growing problem in today’s society. In fact, almost one in five children and adolescents are overweight, and the numbers continue to increases. It affects more than 30 percent of children, making it the most common chronic disease of childhood.
According to Dr Manish Motwani childhood obesity is not just a cosmetic problem. Today, more and more children are being diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension and other co-morbid conditions associated with obesity similar to those seen in obese adults that affect their present and future health and quality of life.

Obese children are also prone to Depression, Substance abuse, eating disorders, low self-esteem that stems from being teased, bullied, or rejected by peers. Data from a number of studies provide strong evidence that higher levels of body mass index (BMI) during childhood can predict overweight later in life.

Living with morbid obesity is extremely difficult for any individual, especially an adolescent. Bariatric surgery may be a reasonable hope for achieving some quality of life and avoiding death when conventional medical treatment options have failed says Dr Motwani.

Weight loss surgery  or bariatric surgery  has proven to be the most effective weight loss solution for individuals with a BMI > 30 and suffering from associated medical conditions like infertility, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea, Depresion & other psychological problems or for morbidly obese people with a BMI rating more than 32 without any associated comorbidity..

Depending on the type of weight loss surgery, a person can lose 40 to 70% of the extra weight within six months to nine months after surgery and at least 90% of the people maintain their weight loss for 10 years or more.

Aastha Health Care, a Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery centre offers both medical and surgical solutions for all grades of obesity.

Ms Sneha Thakkar (name changed), 15year old girl was overweight since childhood. Weighing 90kgs then with 4”8 height, she was under depression, liked to be isolated, parents were really scared that she should take any wrong step.

They tried all the methods like Diet, exercise, yoga, gym, massages to lose her weight, but she failed in all of them. The only hope for parents was to help her loose her weight and thus  get her rid of her depression and anxiety.

Parents informed that due to her weight she was always introvert child, with no friends and a poor performance in school.  When they checked her lipid profile, cholesterol and Triglycerides were very high. She also had Acanthosis Nigricans which indicates insulin resistance.

Parents then started surfing for Bariatric surgeons in Mumbai and could not find many. By now they knew only way to overcome their obstacles was through Bariatric surgery. One fine day they met Dr Manish Motwani of B–Lite Clinic. Mrs Thakkar says, “My consultation with him was the most comfortable one ever.  He took the time to hear me out, answer my questions, and address my concerns. I could not leave without setting up a surgery date.”

We tried to rule out if any Endocrine problem was causing her weight gain but all endocrine reports were normal.

Mother says, “Dr. Motwani helped her to lose 10kgs  in first month itself and she knew there was much more to come.”

9 months after surgery, she was a different person altogether.  As far as her overall result, she was ECSTATIC.

“More than her weight now she is out of her depression, I now have my life back, and I have Dr. Motwani to thank for that” says Mrs Thakkar

Sneha’s  parents say that if anyone from our family will need Bariatric surgery, it will definitely be with Dr. Motwani… and I recommend him to anyone who is interested or considering Bariatric surgery.”

This post is contributed by Ms Twinkle HariaChief Bariatric Nutritionist at ‘Aastha Health Care’


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