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Obesity and Depression – Bariatric Surgery at ‘Aastha Health Care’ Shows the way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Fitness is not just about having the perfect figure, but also about having a healthy and happy mind. The relation between obesity and psychology is often not understood. Sedentary lifestyle along with an unhealthy diet causes weight gain and the person develops a wrong body image which causes not only psychological disturbance but also brings down self esteem, leading to depression. On the other hand to treat depression, antidepressants are used which lead to weight gain and mood swings which eventually drives the person to obesity and this vicious cycle continues. Obesity and depression is a […]

Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity continues to be a growing problem in today’s society. In fact, almost one in five children and adolescents are overweight, and the numbers continue to increases. It affects more than 30 percent of children, making it the most common chronic disease of childhood. According to Dr Manish Motwani childhood obesity is […]

Alcohol and Obesity

Alcohol contains empty calories, meaning it has no nutritive value it only provides energy. Usually people who are overweight when they consume alcohol in excess means they are adding on more calories to their diet and they tend to put on weight. Individual reaction to alcohol varies and influence by many factors such as age, […]

Aastha health Care demystifies the Cost of Bariatric surgery in India

Obesity is a complex multifactorial disease which leads to various medical complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, knee pain, back pain, high cholesterol, cancer etc. Morbid Obesity not only causes physical disability but also various medical problems which may hamper the quantum as well as quality of life #QOL of the individual. Majority of […]

Youngsters Battling Stigma Due to Obesity Have a Solution Now, Says Renowned Bariatric Surgeon Dr Manish Motwani

Youngsters Battling Stigma Due to Obesity Have a Solution Now, Says Renowned Bariatric Surgeon Dr Manish Motwani

‘You must lose weight!’ is the constant retort Supriya Mehta a 24-year-old banking professional, has heard since childhood from her mother, close friends and well wishers. They all meant well but it’s hard for them to understand the emotional trauma Supriya would undergo. The mental harassment and anxiety over being obese does not end with getting bullied […]