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Alcohol contains empty calories
, meaning it has no nutritive value it only provides energy. Usually people who are overweight when they consume alcohol in excess means they are adding on more calories to their diet and they tend to put on weight.

Individual reaction to alcohol varies and influence by many factors such as age, gender, race or ethnicity, physical condition (weight/ fitness), amount of food consumed before drinking.

Alcohol can lead to weight gain from the calories it provides and by causing you to eat more calories after consuming the alcohol

We need to consume a set amount of calories which are needed to maintain our weight. This need is based on our height, weight, age, gender, and activity level. When we eat more calories than our body needs, you will gain weight.

Alcohol can lead to weight gain from the calories it provides and by causing you to eat more calories after consuming the alcohol.

Following are some tips for calorie reduction when consuming alcohol:

  • Drink in Moderation – means having no more than two drinks a day for a male.
  • Learn to sip your drink to make it last longer
  • Alternate an alcoholic drink with a glass of water – this will help to prevent you becoming dehydrated
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach.
  • Drinking in rounds can mean you end up drinking more than you intended. Opt out and drink at your own pace.
  • Eat a healthier dinner before you start drinking. Order or cook before you start drinking so you’re not tempted to go for the less healthy options.
  • Avoid ‘binge drinking’ – some people are under the misinterpretation that they can ‘save up’ their units to splurge at the weekend.
  • Select light versions whenever possible. “Light” means fewer calories, but these products are not calorie- or alcohol-free, so you will still need to limit your intake.
  • Always have food in your stomach before you have a drink.
  • Keep water available to quench your thirst while you drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Pick light beers over regular when you can.
  • Eat a healthy and filling meal before heading out for a party, Try waiting an hour after you get to an event before drinking;

Calorie meter / break-up for various types of alcoholic drinks 

Alcoholic drink   Calories
Beer, lite, 12 oz. 100
Beer, regular, 12 oz. 150
Frozen daiquiri, 4 oz. 216
Gin, 1.5 oz. 110
Mai tai, 4 oz. 310
Margarita, 4 oz. 270
Rum, 1.5 oz. 96
Vodka, 1.5 oz. 96
Whiskey, 1.5 oz. 105
Wine spritzer, 4 oz. 49
Wine, dessert, sweet, 4 oz. 180

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