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In the News

Mediclaim for Weight Loss Surgery   -- Sakal Newspaper
Insurance Company paid 75% cost of Weight Loss Surgery - Mumbai Today read more..


In the News

Aastha Health Care Creates History!    -- Hindustan Times
First time a diabetic women gets weight-loss surgery reimbursed - Hindustan Time read more..


In the News

Mediclaim denied, obese patient fights it out for reimbursement.    -- Afternoon Newspaper
For the first time in Indian Medical History and Medical Insurance, that a patient has received mediclaim for Obesity surgery. read more..


Scalpel helps teen fight flab, docs advise caution   -- Sunday Times of India
MUMBAI : Neha Sharma used to carry more than a heavy bag to school. As she lugged her 90 kg mass packed in a frame of four ft and eight inches across the school, mates sniggered. Careless remarks were made about her needing an entire bench to herself. read more..


A Clinic For Laparoscopic Surgery

Respect has always been an integral part of the Indian soul. But with the changing times, we have lost touch with the hospitality we were famous for. This has inspired us to make an effort to make it a part of us again by setting new standards in Indian hospitality in the arena of modern health care and research. And this is how we found of what we truly believe in and made it our mission: ”Our patient is blessed. Our visitor is God.”

This has been the motivation and laid the foundation for Aastha Health Care Ltd. We believe that any injury or sickness is not always what it projects from the outside. The true feeling can only be felt by the people actually going through it. Ask any frightened child in a hospital, a sick elderly or an accident / trauma victim – nothing is more reassuring than the comforting touch of an expert’s hand and the warmth in his voice, especially when that expert is able to see through their souls.

Integrating the latest and most superior technology from the west and warmth from the heart, Aastha Health Care is a multi-specialty and state of the art healthcare center providing the widest range of services under one roof. Such as,

  • Laparoscopic Surgery,
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology,
  • Clinic for Weight Loss,
  • Urosurgery and Endourology,
  • Fertility Center
It is designed to advocate and ensure speedy recovery of our patients as well as complete comfort of its guests and relatives.

Laparoscopic Surgery

laparoscopic Surgery in India This is the core specialty at Aastha where you no longer need to fear operations or stay on sick leave for weeks.

Bariatric Surgery

bariatric surgery india It is especially for obese people to control their obesity issues. This surgery treatment is also known as ‘weight loss surgery.’ So find more details of India’s best bariatric surgery treatment.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology Treatment The most delicate and taboo topics of today are related with "women problems". We are here to listen, guide, and treat every patient for any problem.

B-lite Clinic Center for Weight Loss

B-lite Clinic Center for Weight Loss Don't be surprised if a good diet and exercise is not helping you lose weight. At Aastha, we specialize to find you a perfect solution.

Urosurgery and Endourology

Urosurgery and Endourology Treatment Diseases related with male and female urinary glands or reproductive organs can be the most painful and can cause a lot of embarrassment.

Fertility Center

Fertility Treatments in India We understand every couple's dream to become a parent and help them prepare and deal with any problem that may stand in their way.

Medical Packages
"Health is wealth" and "Prevention is better than cure". To keep this wealth intact, Aastha has adesigned specific packages to ensure a healthy lifestyle for you and your entire family.
Indian Medical Tourism
An exclusive information on Indian Health Tours
Minimal Invasice Procedure for Piles
People do not talk about haemorrhoid problems with their doctors because they anticipate a painful surgery. We offer painless, non-surgical treatment for piles.